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Portland Movie Showtimes

One-page Printable Movie Showtimes


However, until I fix it you might try this page: Portland Mercury Showtimes.

Ever want to go out for the evening unsure of what movie you might like to see? In the "old" days, you might buy the Friday Oregonian - the A&E has all the times. But why buy a bulky newspaper when you can get all the movie times free on the web?

Unfortunately, if you go to the movie web sites and print out the showtimes of all the theaters you might visit, you'll wind up with several printed pages...

So, I created this site to compile all the Portland movie times into a page, every morning. Now I can print out a condensed one-page list of Portland movie times on a single sheet. (If you have any questions/comments, please email me (click here).)

Click one of the three buttons below to view showtimes.

Portland "Downtown"-area movie times and a few others.
Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove times
Vancouver and Camas Washington-area showtimes
"Non-monopoly" movie times; list all the theaters I could fit on one page that are not part of a certain big movie chain, so you can support the "little guy" when you go out for a movie...
Custom Movie times. You pick the theaters you want on your printed sheet - choices saved on your computer. Step 1. Click here to edit your theater selection. Then come back here.

NEW! Custom Showtimes

Now you can pick your own theaters to show on your showtimes page! This requires that your web browser accept "cookies" (if you use a relatively new computer and you don't know what cookies are...your browser probably does, most do.)

Step 1. Click here to edit your theater selection. Once you are done there, return here. Then, each time you visit the "custom times" page, you'll get your get only the theaters you wish to see!

Advanced: Adjust Font Sizes

Because this page is designed to fit all the movie times on one printed page, font size is important. I experimented with different web font sizes and found (of course) that what works best depends on the browser you use. In Windows, Netscape seems to prefer "small" font size, while MS Internet Explorer prefers "extra small" size. You can change the sizes as you wish using the options below. However, I've set a "default" option that tells the formatter to use small size for Netscape, extra small for MSIE. Helvetica/Arial is the face default, but you can play with using Times or Courier, too.

Note: Internet Explorer does not, by default, print background colors - that includes the theater names that show on the screen in white text on black background. You can change this in Explorer by setting the Internet Options -> Advanced -> Printing under the "View" menu.

Then click one of the buttons below:

Non-Monopoly Showtimes

If you'd like not to support the big theater chain in town here is a page listing all other Portland theaters. If you live on the west side, pickings are pretty slim though rumor has it Century Theatres is building a new one in Beaverton...